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We are the first Medical Nutrition Center focused on lifestyle changes to prevent or reduce your health risks. Featured in several publications, our courteous and professional staff has served the Tampa Bay Area women and men, children for over fifteen years now, with results worth boasting about. Come experience our Free Health Risk Assessment! 
Our Expertise
Some of our specialties include:
Digestive Disorders
Weight Management
Heart Disease
Eating Disorders/Disordered Eating 
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Do you know your body fat, metabolic rate, & hydration level?
Schedule your Bioelectrical Impedence analysis today! You will learn how your current body composition affects your overall cellular & metabolic health!
Once your Initial Evaluation is completed, you will see how effective changes in diet, lifestyle, supplementation, and activity will do to your Body Composition as we monitor it together!  For more information -- please call us for an appointment. 

(813) 850.7592  We hope to see you soon!
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