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    Lab Testing
  • ApoE Genotyping

    Is your cardiovascular treatment strategy best for YOUR specific genetic composition? The ApoE genotyping results have important implications in the treatment strategies for individual patients in reducing cadiovascular disease risk.

  • HS-Omega 3 Index

    The HS Omega 3 index measures the percentage of EPA and DHA levels in red blood cell membranes

  • LipoProtein Particle Profile

    Standard Cholesterol Testing is NOT enough. LPP is a complete cardiovascular risk assessment.

  • MicroNutrient Testing

    Spectracell's micronutrient testing is an innovative assessment of nutritional status.


    MTHFR genotyping can provide valuable information regarding how you metabolize folate and homocysteine both of which increases your risk of cardiovascular disease, stroke, and thrombosis.