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    Omega 3 Fatty Acids
  • Artic Cod Liver Oil

    Artic Cod Liver Oil provides 625mg of DHA! The formula supports cardiovascular and neurological health and function.

  • Artic D Cod Liver Effervescent

    A water soluble drink with a creamy orange taste! It provides 500 mg of EPA and DHA, 1200 IU D3, and no fishy smell, tadte, or burp. 45r

  • Artic Omega Liquid Lemon

    A liquid formula that is a great way to maintain healthy levels of EPA & DHA. Artic Omega supports cardiovascular, neurological, and immunological health and function.

  • OmegaMax

  • OrthoOmega

    Ortho Molecular is one of a handful of companies whose fish oil capsules comply with the CRN Monograph. Our entire line of Orthomega fish oils is tested for pesticides, heavy metals and contaminants. OrthOmega utilizes USP-verified ingredients. OrthOmega is also burp-free. Our OrthOmega meets the strictest international trade criteria for trace heavy metal and pesticide concentrations.