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Dear Patients, 

I have created this online resource for patients to provide a simple, convenient, online ordering of evidenced-based, and PROVEN nutritional supplements. 

The Products I use for my patients are ONLY available to healthcare practitioners and verified standards of effectiveness, purity, and quality. 

After over 15 years of patients and outomes monitoring of each product, I have chosen quality products that make a difference in treatment as well as your long term health! 

Remember, the most complete consultation is in person but I will do my best in recommending the supplements that meet your lifestyle and for treatment or prevention of disease!

Best of Health,

Jennifer Broder RD LD/N CISSN CSSD
We offer a variety of nutraceuticals based on 3 personalized nutrition assessments. We believe optimal wellness can be reached through customized nutrition:
"It is all about the science of nutrition and Jennifer teaches you how your body works and helps you understand what nutrients it needs everyday. Most importantly in what amounts. I learned how to treat my health concerns naturally; without drugs and without dieting. She is absolutely wonderful." - Paul Weinstein

Looking to meet all your daily Vitamin & Nutrient needs ?
Let our Medical Nutritionist take you Grocery Shopping or take our Vitamin & Nutrient Assessment first to understand what your body may be missing. We can help you meet all your individualized diet needs. 
If you have a family or group of friends who would like to have a Nutrition Party or Shopping Trip, book together and receive our "Group Discount"!

(813) 850.7592  Please, call for pricing or if you have Questions!
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