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Conveniently located in the heart of South Tampa, our Functional Nutrition center provides cutting edge nutrition services for the prevention and treatment of disease. Our Registered Dietitian has years of experience, and education that gives her greater insight that some would say work miracles. 

In order to help her patients achieve their goals for weight loss, Jennifer Broder focuses on giving the body what it needs rather than depriving it of what it doesn’t. A nutritionist and dietitian, she created The Medical Nutrition Center to provide a comprehensive, natural, lasting lifestyle solutions for weight management and disease prevention.
Because her treatment programs are founded in evidence-based nutritional science, she begins restoration by assessing your health on the cellular level. During your health and Nutrition Risk Assessment, Jennifer and her team offer a comprehensive blood work, body composition testing, resting metabolic rate and nutrition analysis. From there, she formulates a balanced, made-for you program that includes a nutrition prescription, exercise plan, Nutraceutical prescription and bi-weekly counseling sessions.

“There aren’t quick fixes here,” Jennifer says. “With long-term, evidence-based strategies, we help you lose the weight naturally, safely and keep it off for life.”
Whether you are suffering from an eating disorder, high blood pressure, diabetes or IBS, Jennifer and her staff members walk you through each step of your program. At every visit, they re-check for deficiencies, assess the ratio of body fat to body muscle, the amount of fat that has converted to muscle and follow up on your exercise and nutrition plan. They will even go grocery shopping with you. Jennifer teaches patients how to read labels, how different foods are metabolized and how you can truly enjoy eating without feeling guilty.

"Our team is also customizing progressive plans for patients who are afflicted with inflammation and digestive disorders." “We are naturally balancing hormone levels, looking at how the body functions by evaluating body composition changes to help the body work more efficiently and increase your natural energy.”               - Jennifer Broder RD LD/N CSSD CISSN

Come in for a customized program to meet your body's needs!
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Your first visit begins with a Health Risk Assessment that includes body composition testing, nutrition analysis and resting metabolic rate evaluation. These tests determine how healthy you are on the cellular level, what diseases you have or are predisposed to, plus what vitamins and nutrients you may be lacking.   
If you would like to schedule an appointment for your Initial Consultation, please phone ahead and we'll be glad to assist you. 

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