Our Services
Medical Nutrition Consultations 
  • Health Risk Assessment 
  • Bioelectrical Impedence Analysis
  • Individualized Functional Nutrition Program 

Sports Nutrition Programs
  • Sport Specific Nutrition Goals
  • Optimal Performance Focus

Weight Management Programs
  • Achievable Weight Goals
  • Lifestyle & Behavior Counseling 
  • Customized Meal & Nutrient Plan

Gastrointestinal Health Programs
  • Intestinal Support & Education 
  • Optimal Immune Focus  

Women's Health Programs
  • Natural Hormone Balancing    
Men's Health Programs
  • Optimal Energy & Vitality 
  • Simple & Focused Goals 

Wellness & Detoxification Programs
  • Natural Immune Enhancing Diet & Supplementation
  • Individualized Meal Programs 

Eating Disorder Programs
  • Disordered Eating Education
  •  Nutrient Focused Evaluation 

Heart & Diabetes Health Programs
  • Advanced Cardiovascular & Carbohydrate Testing
  • Chronic Inflammation Treatment   

Bariatric Nutrition Programs
  • Preoperative & Postoperative Programs     

We offer a variety of Medical Nutrition & Wellness Programs:
"I went to Jennifer for weight loss, but it provided me so much more. They gave me the tools to take control of my health and feel better about myself.  I recommened Jennifer to all my girlfriends."
- Mrs.Smith
Do you want to learn about your Health & Nutrition Risks?
Let us help you understand the science and take care of your body. We can assess your genetic, lifestyle, & medical nutrition profile then recommend a program that fits you. . 
Take our Health & Nutrition Risk Assessment! All information sent is confidential & asessed by Jennifer, our Medical Nutrition Director. She will assess your profile and provide recommendations!

Call us for more information (813) 850.7592  
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